Quality and Environment

Medi Ambient

Both the commitment to the quality of our products, as well as the respect for the environment have led us to the establishment of an Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) based on the principles of the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. This commitment, together with our philosophy of environmentally-friendly products, the solidarity, and the fair treatment of the original coffee producers, have turned our products into the best option for those willing to drink a quiet, rested cup of coffee, and also respectful one, towards both the environment and the people.

 In the origin

The majority of coffee we use is organic and caring. The certifications they have received prove they come from a natural, environmentally-friendly crop, as well as the fair treatment that the people who work there have received.

 Solidarity campaigns

By means of our collaboration with Café Mundi, we are taking part in the continuation of small, solidarity campaigns in the coffee-producing countries. Therefore, most of our products are given the patronage seal.

 The facilities

Just like our production process facilities, they meet the requirements demanded by UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. We go hand in hand with aspects such as the reduction of the emissions in the atmosphere, the proper management of raw materials, the responsible usage of the natural resources and energy consumption, as well as a correct waste management. We have these aspects always in mind in order to minimise the environmental impact of our production.

Download pdf document of the Environmental Management System.